The Fort Worth SWAT Team

Fort Worth S.W.A.T.

The Fort Worth Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Section is part of the Tactical Operations Division. The primary mission is to respond to and resolve emergency situations associated with: barricaded persons, hostage rescue, riot and crowd control, counter sniper operations, dignitary protection and high risk search and arrest warrants. S.W.A.T. is a full time team made up of 26 persons (1 lieutenant, 2 sergeants, 3 corporals and 20 officers). The unit is funded primarily by the general fund, but receives funding for 8 positions from the Crime Control and Prevention District. 

Before being assigned to S.W.A.T., each officer must pass a tactical assessment and physical fitness test. During their tenure with S.W.A.T., officer must maintain their physical conditioning and enhance their tactical skill set. At the minimum, all officers attend both Basic and Advanced S.W.A.T. training courses. Team leaders, supervisors, and the commander receive additional training in hostage negotiation and command courses. Because of the limited funds available for training, officers routinely pay for additional training out of their own pocket. Some of the additional skill sets that officers look to enhance through training are: rifle and pistol skills, explosive breaching, rappelling, and sniper skills.



Fort Worth SWAT CHALLENGE 2019

What is the Fort Worth SWAT Challenge? The Fort Worth SWAT Challenge is an all Skill

leve, team oriented 3-gun event held every April. The concept of the event is to use our guns and equipment to level the playing field across skill levels. You participate in teams of four. There is an amateur division and a pro division, both offering 1-3 place teams respectively. Do you have what it takes to finish in the top of your division? To find out email to sponsor a team or participate.  The 2019 Fort Worth SWAT Challenge is being held on April 13. 2019.

Fort Worth SWAT Challenge

Fort Worth SWAT Challenge

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